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Why We Built EasyHealth

The Story Behind the Customer Obsessed Medicare Company

The Explosion of Medicare Options

As millions of new Americans become eligible for Medicare, there has been an explosion of plan options.

Places that historically had very few options are suddenly flush with choice.

New benefits like Telemedicine, Dental and Vision become available every year.

This is good news. But it’s come at a cost.

The Problem

We’ve gone from a lack of information and to a deluge. It can feel like you need to spend a hundred hours researching to make an informed choice. It’s hard to know who you can trust.

We’ve also gone from a lack of choice to an overwhelming number of options. It’s like when we went from 10 channels on TV to 50, then 100, then 800. Suddenly finding anything worth watching was impossible.

While some things have changed, some other things have stayed exactly the same. The process of picking a plan and signing up can be enough to tear your hair out. It feels like you’re always starting from scratch, answering the same questions over and over again.

Then there are the calls. The basic advice these days is to put your phone in a blender when you turn 65. Be prepared to hear from every insurance company on earth. Putting your phone number into the wrong website can be a death sentence to peace and privacy.

A massive industry has been built to collect and sell your data. Around every corner is a bait and switch. You think you’re talking to one person, and suddenly you’re sold like cattle and transferred to some other company you’ve never heard of.

This madness makes an already hard choice nearly impossible.

For those who manage to make it through this complex maze intact, and end up with a decent plan on the other end, this confusing enrollment experience means you often don’t know what you actually bought.

People are leaving critical benefits on the table. It’s not just a waste of money, it’s also leading to worse health outcomes. Few things are as important as well managed preventative care, and a ton of Medicare recipients aren’t getting the care they’re entitled to.

The Solution

We saw a chance to make things better.

A chance to build a truly customer obsessed health company. To solve for the needs of people, not advertisers. To create a simple, honest, frictionless process empowered by technology but built around people. To build meaningful connections between members, agents, plans, and providers.

We built things the right way from scratch.

Most of the biggest companies in Medicare were built for a different era. They slowly mutated into the giants they are today, but they weren’t designed to be what they are today. There are so many things they do because it would be too painful to change, and more that they do because ‘it’s what we’ve always done.’

They added technology to fix problems. We build technology to solve problems.

To do this, we’ve brought together a truly unique team, a mix of industry veterans and disruptive innovators. We’re not settling for the status quo. We’re engineering the future.

This takes system level thinking. Not a marketing team, a sales team, and a technology team, pulling in different directions. A single team asking solving for the best user experience.

Join our Team

Healthcare is a big problem.

To solve it, we're creating a team of creative problem solvers, brilliant data minds, and system level thinkers.

It also takes a group that above all else, wants to solve this problem for the right reasons. To make a difference in the lives of others, so that we can build a healthy future that works for everyone.

If this sounds like you, we'd be thrilled to meet you.