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1-208-252-6759 • TTY 711
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Healthcare Services by EasyHealth

We improve health plan performance by combining better health engagement with industry leading risk analytics.

EasyHealth partners with plans to drive increased engagement in diagnostic and preventative health.

EasyHealth model supports health plans and provider groups through delivering multi-modal enrollment activities followed by wellness visits and diagnostic services to capture a more accurate baseline of patient health status and promote drastically improved results in managed care across risk adjustment, quality and total cost of care.

Our approach combines omni-channel outreach, a distributed network of health providers, and advanced risk analytics.

The platform plus services approach drives improved member health and preventative benefit utilization, improving economics and membership growth.
Connecting members with benefits
Hybrid telehealth & point of care
Pre-visit member intelligence
Advanced risk detection AI
As few as 30% of plan members complete annual wellness visits.
EasyHealth can double annual wellness engagement rates, with high rates of chromic condition capture to enable custom care plans.
The EasyHealth platform drives…
Higher plan revenue from accurate risk scoring
Fewer readmissions & unnecessary admissions
Better plan feedback from members (star ratings)
More addressable & engaged plan members
Improve member retention (higher LTV)
Members are more likely to stay with a plan if…
They use a covered medical service within 60 days
They complete an annual wellness visit
They use a plan provided telehealth benefit
EasyHealth drives member engagement by…
Providing simple wellness visit scheduling
Personalizing messaging to specific needs
Identifying and supporting chronic care needs
Offering at home, online and in office options
Facilitating better chronic care management